Welcome to The Happenstance // Project

by Savannah Roach

The Happenstance // Project curators Miya and Savannah

The Happenstance // Project curators Miya and Savannah

Last year, I found myself two years into living in Los Angeles - a city of persistent dreamers, over-stimulation, dulled chaos, and constant creation.  I was here physically, but had tied my heart and mentality to a startup up in Vancouver, BC that I had, on a whim, decided to join for a few summer months. It had won me over.  So much so, in fact, that I chosen to stay with it and work remotely from the City of Angels. 

Not to stay home, I turned to coffeeshops as my nomadic office spaces. Mondays at The Classic, Tuesdays at Intelligentsia, Wednesdays at Woodcat.  It was this blissful little caffeinated world of strategically searching for a table located near the outlets, Skyping into meetings with the team of co-workers I loved so much, and *meeting the strangers who were huddled over their laptops surrounding me. 

The underrated saying ‘a simple hello could lead to a million things’ ended up leading to a million conversations with strangers ranging from The Today Show’s cooking segment chef (who carried a bruleé torch to the bar and promptly started toasting homemade marshmallows for the baristas) to a street artist named Morley (my favorite piece of his says, “I love you enough to pick you up at the airport”) and the founder of a startup incubator, to name a few.  Each person had this insatiable motivation towards the work they were speaking about that rung true through their words. It was captivating. It became my favorite part of ‘going to work’.  

There is endless potential in every person that you meet.  We are each vessels of anecdotes and aspirations and ideas. I became enthralled with learning the stories of the people around me and possibilities of human connection. My mentality slowly drifted back to my immediate surroundings and the inspiration that was coming out of each one of these happenstance conversations. Storytelling is the most personal and vulnerable form of sharing, but the generosity that comes from opening up is contagious. We are a society that is not only wired to innovate, but also wired to connect...to bond. The more conversations that we start, the greater these bonds grow and the stronger our culture of creativity, innovation, and giving becomes. 

This is a platform built out of the energy of this experience - it is a curated series of conversations with the people in society who are channeling their ideas into incredible realities of businesses, brands, and experiences.  Mostly, you’ll get to know these entrepreneurs/creatives/pioneers in their own words.  We are weaving a web of thoughts and passions, letting you get to know the minds of the people positively shaping our culture through interviews and articles. 

Fittingly, the first group of individuals we’re introducing you to are centered in Vancouver, BC.  They are thoughtful and community-oriented, health conscious and tech savvy. The Pacific Northwest spirit and a hint of grit is engrained in each of their philosophies, and the diversity of their work is unparalleled.  From here, theHappenstance // community will come to include perspectives from Los Angeles, Portland, London, and Southeast Asia.

The Happenstance // Project is creating a narrative of the incredible progress that is made in our world every day. If we can’t connect to each other, then what is the purpose of our thoughts and our work?  We are meant to live in a web, not as silos.

Every story shared here is a piece of kindling - use it to shape your own perspective, get closer with the process of humanity, and shape your own endeavors. There is a natural alchemy in perspective that comes from hearing each of these stories: shifting your opportunities, sparking relationships, and introducing new possibilities. 

We all started as strangers.