imported ideas

We didn't come up with these ideas, but we like them.

There's a word called metanoia. It's the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, or way of life. We are so easily swept up into habits and ways of thinking that society feeds us, sometimes without realizing just how far they have taken us off of our path.  These are pieces of writing and inspiration that speak to our society, call us out on our habits, and celebrate our attributes. They challenge conventional norms and make you *pause* to think - how can metanoia be applied to your life?  Each member of the happenstance community brings with their story a set of insights about what makes them so uniquely successful. They've stumbled through these changes themselves, and applied them to a body of work that is making an incredible impact on their communities and our culture as a whole.  Learn from their words, and the ones below.  Follow your true north. Be good to yourself. Be present. Get to know the people in your communities. We all started as strangers. 

\\ "It’s like those moving walkways at the airport — you’ve got to really pay attention when you get off them, because it’s disorienting. And when you’re standing still, you become very acutely aware of how you feel and what’s going on in your surroundings. A lot of our lives are getting away from us while we’re on that walkway." //

On learning to step away from 'crazy-busy' and being perpetually 'plugged in'.

\\ "Turow’s theory is that in a digital-first era, many people latch onto food as something that engages all of the senses and brings people together in physical space." //

The next time you feel guilty taking a picture of what you had for lunch, don't, you're helping fuel the link between food and society.

\\ "Texting and email let us present the self we want to be" //

The word conversation itself is derived from words that mean move, together. Here's to sparking happenstance conversations and bringing back human connection.