h a p p e n s t a n c e //

Our lives are made up of moments - moments of impact. Every so often, these moments create an intersection between strangers whose stories crave to be told. You can't plan these kinds of things, they're happenstance.

This is a compilation of those moments.

Happenstance is a platform for storytelling that chronicles and introduces you to the innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs among us.

Most likely you haven't heard of them - but you should.

This is a source of inspiration, collaboration, and exposure that finds the red thread among the pioneers that are shaping the culture of our cities. It is our way of bringing you glimpses of these people who are weaving the fabric of society - brimming with creative spirit and social good.  How? Through long format interviews that let you into their stories, their 'why', their passions, their affinities...what makes them tick.  We want you to know their work, but more importantly, we want you to know them. 

These are the dreamers, over-achievers, and perpetual optimists.  We've happened upon them in coffeeshops, street corner conversations, and simple everyday interactions.  h a p p e n s t a n c e is in the business of restoring human connection and we are glad to welcome you into a different kind of snapshot of our society - we want you to get to know these strangers, use their stories as kindling for your own passions, and help craft a permanant narrative of the incredible progress that is made in the world every day. 

Welcome to h a p p e n s t a n c e , we all started as strangers.